by Albert Camus

translated by Christopher Williams
May 13-28, 2016
The Ballard Underground
Directed by Joshua Jon

This May, Arouet presents Christopher Williams’s world premiere, uncut and uncensored, translation of Caligula by Nobel laureate Albert Camus. Caligula is a French absurdist play based on the tyrannical Roman emperor. Distraught by the sudden death of his sister and lover Drusilla, Caligula realizes the absurd nature of the world, and takes it upon himself to bestow this lesson on the people he governs… through pain and suffering. Rome’s only hope lies in a ragtag gang of shady politicians, a philosophical veteran, and a queer young poet whose affections for Caligula become increasingly complicated. Bolstered by his doped-up and matronly mistress Caesonia and an ex-slave reveling in the schadenfreude of the upper-class chaos Helicon, they will grapple for the soul of a nation descending into madness.

While Arouet will be staying true to the poetry and language of the original piece, they will be placing the story in a modern, hyper-nationalistic fictional Roman Empire. Inspired by Kanye West, memes, Game of Thrones, cat photos, Tarantino, and T-Swifty, Arouet will be taking this classic play on a culty blood-stained pop art joyride.

Poster art by Ryan Rich.

Performance Schedule

May 13-28, 2016
Thursday through Saturday at 7:00PM
Industry night: Tuesday May 17, 7:00pm
Matinee: Sunday May 22, 2:00pm




$16 General

$12 Student/Senior/TPS



$20 General

$16 Student/Senior/TPS