The Arouet two-K Fundraising Challenge

2K Fundraising Challenge Stretch GoalWe have been presented with a challenge: every dollar we raise by September 6, 2014 will be matched 100%, up to $2,000. Yes, your contributions will be doubled! This is a very exciting opportunity as it will provide us the fiscal stability we need as we go into our first three-show season.

How does your money help?

Every dollar we raise is invested back into the company: into our critically acclaimed main stage productions as well as our yearly Arts Crush production, where we present original and creative works free of charge in locations from Edmonds to Tacoma. It also covers overhead expenses such as insurance and web hosting.

Ready to give?

Visit our click and pledge page to contribute today. Make sure you check out the rewards for each level, or you can contribute any amount an opt out of the rewards.

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

What does your donation buy?

  • $8 buys one actor’s script
  • $10 pays for one hour of rehearsal time
  • $15 buys one year of hosting for our website
  • $50 pays for printing of postcards for one production
  • $75 pays for royalties for one night
  • $80 pays for printing of posters for one production
  • $100 buys properties for one production
  • $150 buys one co-op ad
  • $225 pays for one night rental of the performance space

Update: FINANCIAL GOAL MET. New Stretch Goal Set.

Thanks to the generosity of our contributors, we have reached and surpassed our funding goal ahead of schedule. So we have set a stretch goal: 75 contributors by Saturday, September 6. Help us reach our goal by contributing in any amount: $1, $5, $10, or $100. If we reach our goal, we will give away three (3) season tickets amongst all the contributors.

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